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Funky Lil' Petals

Subscription Program

What Is It & How It Works

Our Funky Lil’ Petals flower subscription program is happy to provide fresh, beautiful funky flowers to your chosen
address at the frequency you would like. That means you don’t have to worry about selecting your bouquet each and every time! 

We provide the awesome floral arrangement and you become the ROCK STAR!

At Funky Petals, setting up a subscription is simple.

  • You decide how often you want the floral arrangements delivered. We are happy to create something marvelous within your budget and frequency.

  • This could be bi-weekly, once a month, or every other month.  You decide, we follow your lead!

  • We are happy to offer Pick Up or Delivery (delivery charges will be added to your subscription pricing). 

  • If you choose to pick-up we guarantee to have your order ready for pick up on the date and time identified. If delivery is preferred, let us know!

  • If you choose a ‘Designed For You’ option, our designers will create one-of-a-kind floral arrangement that is as unique as the person receiving your gift.

  • Pause, cancel, or start your subscription at any time.

DID we mention:

You are ONLY paying for the beautiful flowers, NOT the container.

Each time we provide the recipient with flowers, we will ‘take-back’ the previous container
We create a portfolio for each recipient – noting what flowers were received and container used.

The recipient will not receive the same floral arrangement…. of course unless the recipient LOVES the arrangement so much and requests it again.

Have someone in mind who would love a flower subscription?

It’s ABSOLUTELY fine to say, “Yes! Me, please.” Learn more about our ‘Funky Lil’ Petals subscription’ and sign up as a treat for yourself or someone special.

  • What Happens Once I Place My Order?
    We’ve got you covered from here on out! On the monthly anniversary date of their first order (or the closest business day to), they will receive their next batch of floral goodness (hand-tied, or designed). If you chose the Floral Designer option, all they have to do is follow the care and cutting instructions included with their flowers and place into the vase sent on their first delivery. Easy peasy! If you chose the Signed, Sealed, Delivered option, all they have to do is remove their design from the packaging, follow the care instructions included (after all, it still needs water from time to time), and enjoy!
  • What Happens If the Recipient Isn't Home?
    With the first note explaining their incredible gift, we also let them know that they can call us to reschedule any deliveries to fit their travel and/or life plans. We’re accommodating like that.
  • What happens when the subscription comes to and end?
    At the end of it all, you get a call from us to say thank you for spreading the joy of flowers, and to let you know that the membership is coming to an end. At this point, you can re-order to keep the magic going, or take a break. After all, being this awesome can be tiring!
  • What if this is their Christmas gift?
    Unfortunately, florists do take Christmas off too (I know, how rude). BUT! You can have a start date for the new year, and still have something special under the Christmas tree! Just let us know that it will be a gift, and we will take care of the rest!
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